Here at Trinity we ensure that each family and individual are reached with love, support and prayer. To see which deacon will serve you and your family, find your last name and Deacon in the list below. 

Who's my Deacon?

Jimmy Cartledge 

A - Bradford

Steve Duckworth 

Bramblet - Christopherson 

Jeff Faircloth 

Churchill - Drew

Greg Slagle

Driver - Garcia

Will Slagle 

Gardner - Hawes

Ronnie Morris

Hayden - Johnson

Larry Cheek 

Jones - Lewis

Tim Silvey

Litwinski - Messina

Ike Ramsey

Miles - Parker

Ed Martin

Parrish - Robinson

Tim Silvey

Roese - Slagle

Baylan Thomas

Smith - Thompson

Bill Blanchard

Tindell - Z

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