Here at Trinity we ensure that each family and individual are reached with love, support and prayer. To see which deacon will serve you and your family, find your last name and Deacon in the list below. 

Who's my Deacon?

Steve Duckworth

Abbott - M. Bridges

Greg Slagle

Briscoe - Churchill

Justin Beane

M. Clark - Steve Duckworth

Baylan Thomas

Tanner Duckworth - Germain

Buddy Lloyd

Betty Gibbs - Haverdink

Jeff Byrd

J. Hawes - Jeremiah Johnson

Mark Gay

Levi Johnson - D. Lewallen

Phillip Swain

Jamie Lewis - Jason Miller

Henry Hayden

J. Mitchell - Cliff Payne

Eric Schnitzler

C. Peebles - Romero

Ronnie Morris

Alan Ross - Jeff Steadman

Ed Martin

Jessica Steadman - J. Walden

Lamar Dees

Gary Ward - Zimmerman

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